Aviation Security


      Aviation sector is one of the most visible in the world. One small incident here can spark off a media blitzkrieg that can undermine the credibility of the security forces and, at times, that of the national government itself.  Dispensing security at the airport becomes even more difficult because of the category of people who frequent it. The security agency at the airport has to tread the fine line, balancing between security and facilitation. To equip our personnel with the wherewithal for dealing with different contingencies that need attention at the airport, NISA has developed a new section under its ever growing ambit: The School of Aviation Security. 

      The School of Aviation Security takes on the onerous responsibility of imparting training to the CISF personnel on wide ranging topics including Basic Aviation Security, X-BIS (X-ray Baggage Inspection System)  Screeners etc. To disseminate knowledge at faster rates Trainer Training Course on Aviation Security are being envisaged to develop trainers who could replicate the efforts of Aviation Security School at the various airports by running in-situ courses.

       Since the field of aviation security involves the usage of most modern technologies in achieving high levels of security in the airport area, any success in this field pre-supposes sufficient training to the security personnel on the most modern security gadgetry. Towards this end, School of Aviation Security has already imported 20 Simulator of X-BIS, Hand Held Metal Detector (HHMD), Door frame Metal Detector (DFMD), X-BIS machine, Explosive Vapor Detector (EVD), Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) etc. Three classrooms   have been equipped with LCD Over head projector, Visualizers etc. to enable better dissemination of information to the trainees.

       Till now 25  Basic Aviation Security Course(807 participants), 05 X-BIS Screener courses(94 participants) and 04  TTC Courses(296 participants) have been conducted at School of Aviation Security.

      To better simulate the actual conditions that our personnel are likely to encounter during the course of their duty at the airports, a Mock Airport is proposed as a part of the School of Aviation Security. Apart form the reception and security hold areas of the airport, even a mini runway will be set up to conduct mock exercise of anti-sabotage operations, passenger entries, crew passages and cargo checking. No efforts will be spared to develop the skills of our personnel to ensure passenger security and safety.





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